Why Buying Facebook Likes Is A Scam

by Samuel Junghenn

Facebook is one of the hottest topics in news media at the moment, with the post IPO share price declining dramatically and Facebook looking for new ways to generate advertising dollars, it seems as if a new story emerges each day.

One story which may have been overlooked in this media frenzy is how business owners and Facebook fan page admins are getting scammed out of their hard earn money.

Just before I get into that let me quickly cover the basics of why business owners are so keen to get likes to their page.  A like of a Facebook Page allows a business owner to market to the people who like the page.

When they do an update or a promoted post it goes into the feed of the person who liked the page.  Ultimately by having a fan page with many like’s a business has a captive community to market to, draw research from and engage with.

This concept of getting like’s to a businesses Facebook Page is one that business owners understand well.  In fact I’ve talked to many business owners recently who were all asking the same question, how do I get more likes?

Unfortunately, one misinformed business owner shared that you could just buy likes, he mentioned a service where you could get 10,000 likes for $200.  Instantly I was angry, not at the business owner, but at the people who were marketing the service.

Let me explain, anyone can get untargeted likes to a Facebook Page, just head to Google and find people willing to do it for cents in the dollar.  But the whole principle of Facebook Marketing isn’t to just get likes, it’s to collect a list of targeted prospects that you can share value with and that might actually buy something from you in the future.

For instance, I’ve seen Facebook Pages with over 100,000 likes which had less than 300 people a month interacting with this page.  Now while the owner of that Facebook Page may feel good about having 100,000 likes ultimately those likes are not generating him customers, insights or allowing him to engage with his actual customers.

It’s the old saying that you’d prefer 1 good customer over 10 bad customers.  In terms of Facebook I’d prefer to have 1 raving fan of my business rather than 100,000 who couldn’t even tell you my business name.

So while I am an avid fan of having businesses build Facebook Pages and Profiles and then use them to generate likes I am not a fan of these “buying likes” businesses.  Ultimately if you’re not going to interact with social media in the spirit and way you should then just don’t get involved.

Social media takes time, you must be willing to invest in creating a community and once you’ve invested you’ll find the rewards are there for you.  One client I’ve worked with recently was able to take his start up business from zero Facebook Page likes to 2000 in just two weeks.

Due to the fact that the people liking the page were actually interested in the business, he was then able to turn that into customers.  In fact each post he puts out get’s between 100 and 300 likes or comments.

Now that’s the kind of community that gets a business owner inspired, not a community where you have thousands of likes but no interaction.

by Samuel Junghenn

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