CollabraCam: interactive movie making turns iOS

by Amber Dermoudy
Digital cameras with video shooting capabilities and smartphones with high megapixel video recording have made shooting movies as simple as pointing and pressing ‘record’. And from the editing standpoint you have programs like Sony Vegas and Movie Maker, which provide you editing capabilities that allow you to alter everything – except that is – the raw feed itself.

Today however, the power of technology brings anyone who may be interested in working on a film to new heights.

Introducing CollabraCam – a video app for iOS gadgets. CollabraCam offers a completely new experience to video enthusiasts, giving users arguably the most convenient and interactive way to hone their shooting and editing skills as well as a feel for managing and working with their very own film crew.

The CollabraCam app is unique because it lets a group of people link up to four iOS gadgets – as long as those gadgets are equipped with cameras. The devices are linked up through a common wi-fi network originating from the wireless signal of a laptop, a mobile Hotspot or even an iPhone hotspot. Once linked up to wi-fi, the film crew can record videos as a unit and even edit the clips while the cameras are rolling.

Making things even more interesting, the CollabraCam app assigns one camera out of the four as the director, leaving the other three to play operator roles. The director has special options available only to them: they can connect to all four cameras, edit streaming video as it comes in, send camera cues to the camera operators, pick which camera feed to record etc.

Though it may seem that only the director gets to have all the fun, that picture isn’t entirely as it seems. It may be that the camera operators are restricted to shooting footage – but that’s exactly the point. By restricting the features of the camera operators, CollabraCam provides them with the opportunity to experience how real camera operators work during a film shoot – taking constant camera cues from the director as all cameras roll simultaneously.

Once the shooting session wraps up, CollabraCam saves the recorded footage on each of the camera operators’ local drives before sending the automatically assembled clips to the director. The director for the session can then choose to view the movie on Collabracam or export it to the Camera Roll to be edited on another app or on the computer. For computer edits, Collabracam will save the clips through File Sharing in iTunes so they can be accessed by anyone.

Equipped with versatile features, CollabraCam would be an especially useful app for those constantly filming with other people on-the-go or in crowded spaces. The app claims to be perfect for sporting events and group projects – both of which require the minimal setup that CollabraCam provides.

In conclusion, Walt Disney once said, “if you can dream it, you can do it” and it might just be possible that with this new app, we can expect individuals with the slimmest budgets and rawest natural talents, but the biggest dreams,  becoming the next big thing in the industry.

by Amber Dermoudy

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