Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Twitter

by Denis Semchenko

If you like tweeting from your phone as much as we do, you probably already know that your and everyone else’s favourite social media app has undergone a couple changes this week. What used to be a stock-standard mobile app suddenly got a whole lot funkier – let’s see how.

On Tuesday July 10, Twitter has released updated mobile apps for Android and iOS, with main features including the following:

  • expanded tweets
  • improved search function
  • added push notifications
  • enhanced event support

The first thing you see is the change in the app’s iconic “bird” logo – the said blue birdy appears to have shed a fair bit of weight and is tilted vertically like it’s taking off.

Apart from the above, the updated version is a lot faster (the older one had an annoying tendency of getting stuck at the most inappropriate times) and includes plenty more multimedia support, delivering the required information in no time. You can also track the progress of your tweet through the “…sending/sent” notifications displayed at the top.

That being said, one particularly exciting feature of the new app is the enhanced support for push notifications linked with certain accounts. For instance, you can set up a push notification for your local news channel, a feed of choice or any other source that you want to constantly monitor.

Another upgrade worth mentioning is app’s brand-new ability to expand tweets within the app. “Expanded” tweets allow users to play videos, read article summaries and experience other content-heavy media directly in the tweets. In the past, you’d just see a link to a story or a video after you’ve tapped a tweet – from now on, you’ll be able to directly see all of the info without going to a browser window outside the app.

While it is already available on the web and mobile web, Twitter is now adding app support to the perk list – a smart way to keep users in-app.

Tuesday’s update also adds event support and an improved autocomplete function, with the former being Twitter’s attempt to be the backchannel go-to-discussion forum during major live/sporting events.

Seamlessly functioning under the latest version of iOS, the new Twitter app is poised to rank high in the Android domain – and while the familiar handy apps like Plume and Seesmic for Android consistently get high ratings, there’s no reason why the newly slimmed-down bird can’t keep level with them.

by Denis Semchenko

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