Cloud Social

by Denis Semchenko

Taking place at Fortitude Valley’s River City Labs on Thursday 31 May, the Brisbane AusCloud Forum brought together a range of likeminded telecommunication professionals, internet wizards and IT gurus eager to discuss the modern phenomenon known as “moving to the cloud” and how it changes the way we conduct our business activities online.

Following the introduction, OrionVM founder Sheng Yeo (responsible for the launch of the pioneering CloudDC – the world’s fastest-growing public cloud) spoke about his company and explained the meaning of carrier clouds, carrier-grade networks and assorted technical elements that necessitate the cloud activity.



Next, Chris Pollock of io Networks – a Brisbane-based network solutions company that has completed the move to the cloud – delivered a witty, informative address about the role of networks facilitating the said move. “You are on the internet – why are you not worried?” he wondered before pointing out the importance of keeping your stats and graphs in order and being aware of the risk online exposure brings.




Telco representative Nick Pachos – AAPT’s Head of Product/Carrier Management – added more humour to the proceedings by quipping “yes, I’m from AAPT but don’t blame me; blame two people in the country who have the cable!” He then delivered agenda about powering the cloud, noting the change in economics and declines in computing, storage and bandwidth costs before ultimately stating that networks should be “always available” – with dependability as the key factor.



After a short break, the evening recommenced with an address by panel moderator, RCL’s Stephen Baxter. Stephen subsequently introduced the panel members: Cloudsafe365’s CEO and Brisbane IT guru Craig Deveson, Cloud Plus linchpin Jules Rumsey, SAI Global’s risk & assurance program manager Brahman Thiyagalingham and Live Apps’ Managing Director and internet industry veteran David Hughes.



The engrossing, oft-enlightening discussion – incorporating questions from the audience submitted through either paper forms or Twitter – proved to be the event’s highlight. Experts in their respective fields, the panellists commanded attention throughout and brought home four main notions:

a)    with businesses continually moving to the cloud, we won’t be needing physical office environments in the future;

b)    the best apps for the cloud are the business ones;

c)    apps made for the cloud run faster;

d)    while Australia “is not yet on the internet” modern broadband network-wise, it will be soon.

by Denis Semchenko

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