AD Tech ANZ: Real-time marketing take-aways

adtech ANZ
by Amber Dermoudy

On 18th March 2014, I was invited to facilitate a panel at the Australian Ad:Tech conference held at the Hilton in the Sydney CBD. The topic discussed was real time marketing – with the panel of experts including Michael McKeon, Director of Vivant, Derek Laney, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce for the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, Dan Ferguson Director of Social Ally and Chris Ernst, National Performance Director from Reprise Media.

For this panel we moved away from the creative side of real-time marketing (we all remember the infamous Oreo superbowl tweet) and really focused in on the analytics, data tools and metrics.

Some of the key take-aways were:

Amber Q: Should real-time marketing be creative led, or tech led?  Michael McKeon response: Technology is an enabler, but real time marketing should put creative/message at its heart. Overall Response: It should be a combination of the both.

Amber Q: Is real-time marketing only able to be done well by bigger brands? Chris Ernst response: Small companies can do great real time marketing, the SaaS tools are there, and they can be more nimble and take more risks. Overall response: Not at all. Smaller brands have much more to gain and a lot less to lose re real-time marketing efforts.

Amber Q: Where does big data sit for real-time and how can we leverage it? Dan Ferguson response:  If you’re running real time interactions with the consumer, you can grab that data, collate and then represent it in real-time. For example – using real time social content data to create visual content for your online display ads.

Amber Q: Where does mobile fit the mix for the future of real-time marketing? Michael McKeon response: In the real word, mobile is your best chance to track, model and interact with the consumer.

For more interesting insights into geolocation and mobile you can check out Michael McKeon’s recent op-ed in B&T .

by Amber Dermoudy

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