Digital signage: It’s more than just a screen.

by Tanya Williams

Prendi2When you think of digital signage, chances are you imagine a slideshow of advertising images on a television screen, or the $12 steak special in between Keno games at the local pub. While this is more or less correct, it has the potential to be so much more.

The digital industry is filled with new technologies that make our lives easier while giving us the tools to communicate more effectively with our customers. One of the biggest digital trends in 2013 will be the adoption of digital signage by business. What is it? Digital signage refers to a variety of technologies used to replace traditional static signs. It is composed of commercial grade screens ranging in size from 2.8” badges to 100”+ video walls dispersing content and messages in the most targeted & interactive way.  This gives businesses the ability to get a much better return on investment for the same wall space as that one static poster, while providing the flexibility to deliver messages more frequently and in a targeted way.

It is a growing trend due to the many benefits it offers, one of the biggest being the ability to instantly update & communicate a message in real time. Imagine being able to update pricing, schedule promotions via time of day, change offers based on the weather, stream live news feeds to keep customers up to date or show high definition video of new product releases, all with the click of a mouse.

Who does it benefit? Anyone, anywhere, any time! If you have a message that needs to be delivered, whether to staff or customers, digital signage can do it faster and in a more engaging way.

How digital signage can work for you

  1. Cut through other advertising clutter with highly engaging content
  2. Grab your customer’s attention with movement and colour
  3. Fully utilise your space by showing multiple messages at different times of the day
  4. Influence buying decisions at point of purchase
  5. Provide upsell opportunities, can be used for cross selling and to generate inquiries for a new product or sales service.
  6. Eliminates the high cost and long lead times of traditional printing & distribution
  7. Messages are instant and can be changed immediately
  8. Improved brand engagement and perception
  9. Maximise ROI on a limited budget
  10. Potential to earn money by selling ad space to suppliers
  11. Can be combined with traditional marketing to create synergy with your marketing messages

Whether it is intended to build a brand, influence customer behavior or simply provide information the dynamic visual experience created by digital signage have been proven to increase sales. Not only does it look good but it allows your customers to connect and engage with your brand which means increased sales and ROI for you.

In today’s world even small companies must keep up with growing and changing technology. No matter what your customer base, they will notice if you fall behind the times. In order to keep up with the ever changing world it is vital to understand just how important digital signage is and the power it has to upsell and create a solid ROI.  Digital signage is the way of the future and it’s better to be proactive than reactive.

by Tanya Williams

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