6 Sexy New Features of iOS 6

by Elliott Bailey

The 6 very sexy new features of iOS 6:

With all the fanfare of the iPhone 5 launch, you may have missed these six awesome new features that Apple made available to all iPhone legends at the same time.

Apple is kind enough to give all iPhone users access to most the features of the new iPhone 5 even if you’re still running an iPhone 3G (I love Apple for being so legendary)..

Reach out and touch somebody

Your Facebook friends are now on your iPhone! No more “here’s my new number” emails when someone changes their phone number as it will automatically update (yes,- for all those who have just realised this, it also means that you now have ‘her’ number!).

Be in the know

Sync your Facebook account and you will magically see your friends’ birthdays, events and navel fluff in your calendar. This can be annoying if you have a lot of ‘friends’ on your account but it’s great for planning ahead.

Sharing is caring

When you tap ‘share’ from your photo album, it’s now even easier to post to Facebook, Twitter, assign to contact, print etc. I love how this turns Facebook into Instagram.

Pimp my ride

There’s been an interface update to a lot of the core Apple apps including iTunes, Message, music etc. This makes everything feel just that little more modern. After all, if you’re one of the lucky few who have already landed an iPhone 5, it wouldn’t quite be the same without that crisp new look.

Map me happy

Apple have said goodbye to Google Maps and released their own version. Some love it, some hate it; my fiance loves that it now gives her a turn-by-turn guide for where to go next. I personally don’t dig this, but depending on your navigation style you may just have found yet another reason to become an even bigger Apple fanboy.

Say no way

Too busy working hard at your job to answer a call from a mate? Just slide up on the new phone icon when they’re ringing and you can send a quick ‘busy’ message back with just one push of a button.

If you’re wondering ‘how come I don’t’ have all this then it’s probably time to go update your phone with the latest Pimp My iPhone update. Otherwise, if you’re already loving the goodness, why not share the love by shouting out your own favourite tip below?

by Elliott Bailey

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